Thoughts post Integral Anatomy Workshop with Gil Hedley

It’s been 2 weeks since I had the honor of exploring human anatomy in the lab with Gil Hedley and my  fellow Somanauts. This was a journey that I could not have fully prepared myself for, nor fully ever return from. The complexity, unity and wholeness of the human body was so apparent during this experience. Seeing, feeling, witnessing the beauty of these forms, still brings tears to my eyes. This opportunity to hold and interact with these incredible life giving tissues, who are always working for us, with us, giving us their best to keep this intricate web of connections in harmony, has brought me to a new depth of amazement and wonder.


Some structures were as I expected them to be, and others were nothing like my vision of them, formed by anatomy books and the sensations I receive through my palpating fingers. But one idea was reinforced, and as I had expected to find, that being the fundamental and deep connection that exists from the tops of our heads, the inner most aspect of our brains, and the very furthest points on the bottoms of our feet! The substrate that underlies these different locations are as one, connected in repetition over and over again throughout these beautiful bodies of ours. As I moved and cut and touched the form I was working with, it was not hard to understand how the experience of our inner word effects the experience of the outer world, or vise versa. Our structures respond to our perception of our environment, our emotional being is our nervous system, and our nervous system spins is fine webs through every tissue that forms us. To address our structure, we must include our feelings and our thoughts. The more we find ways to accept ALL that we are, the more we can allow our being to find coherence and balance.


I’m deeply touched and grateful for the opportunity to be on this path of exploration and healing. Thanks to each of you for taking a step down this path with me as we continue our journey in our beautiful forms. Many blessings!

With love, Andrea