Exercise Video for Pelvic Instability

This is a very helpful video addressing pelvic pain that can be due to instability, or over firing, of muscles that balance our pelvic floor. We often see this kind of information targeting postpartum women, who often need support! But pelvic instability is an issue that many people face, regardless of if they have given birth recently, or at all. There are so many ways that our pelvis can be compromised by the way we walk, sit, exercise, or by injuries/surgeries. This is meant to be a supportive practice that can help you rebalance. It’s very important to see the right kind of professional for you! to help you understand what may be causing the pain or discomfort, espcially if it has become a long term chronic issue. Chiropractors, Pelvic Floor PT’s, Bodyworkers, Pilates or Yoga Instructors. I hope you enjoy and find some helpful pieces here.