Floor Time Movement Classes for you and your Baby

Tummy Time

Classes for You and Your Baby!

with Andrea Byers, certified Tummy Time! Method™ Tutor, CMT, CST, Reflex Integration, Acupressure


Then Comes Baby 3657 Grand Ave. in Oakland,


4 week class series:

Wednesdays, 10:00am-11:00am 

*pre-registration required

To register please visit then-comes-baby.com/tummy-time-method-class/


Floor Time Classes are a fun way to help your baby find comfort and support while being on his or her tummy. As well as great opportunity to allow babies to interact with each other, and for parents and caregivers to find community.

Allowing time for babies to be on their tummies for play throughout the day is very important for their development during this crucial time of discovery. This class offers a chance to practice being engaged with your baby in a meaningful and playful way, while they are awake and on their tummy. We learn to problem solve and find ways to make tummy time fun for every baby!

Helping babies feel comfortable and safe on their belly’s can be the solution for many structural issues that can be challenging for babies and their parents. Regular, daily sessions of tummy time can help eliminate flat spots, or bulges on the head, as well as torticollis (preferring to turn head to one side over the other). Along with strengthening the body, tummy time is imperative for motor and social development. These are all issues that we can explore in our class together, as well as just having fun on the floor together.

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