CranioSacral Therapy for Baby and the Whole Family

Because as infants we are all dependent on our mothers and families to nurture and protect us, it’s crucial to work with the entire family unit when addressing issues with babies.  Working with babies and families as a child care provider for 15 years, I have seen how important the family dynamic is in an infants sense of well being, development and over all health. As with everything, communication and connection with one another is at the heart of many common issues we experience in our families.

Craniosacral therapy offers a unique approach to addressing not only the behavioral dynamic between family members, but also the deeper level of nervous system patterns and triggers that are present. By creating an atmosphere where each member of the family can relax and reconnect with themselves, we can retrain the nervous system to settle and find optimal function, which can have many positive effects on the emotional, immune and cognitive systems for members of the family of all ages.


A session with a family will involve each member of the family receiving Craniosacral touch, as well as having the opportunity to speak to one another

in a safe and respectful environment. Sometime the simple act of spending a relaxed and supported period of time together can help the communication and relationship of the entire family dynamic. Once the family is in a healthy communication pattern again, the babies and children are often far more capable of self regulation due to feeling the support of their family unit.

Often one parent will bring the baby to the session, which can be the most appropriate or convenient approach. If, however, you have the opportunity and desire to bring more of your family with you to the session for the baby or child, the space is open and I warmly welcome you all.