Craniosacral Therapy

IMG_2102 CranioSacral Therapy (CST)  is a form of body work which addresses the Central Nervous System and the flow of Cerebral Spinal Fluid. The touch is light and intended to optimize the motility of the intricate web of bones, muscles, soft tissues and fluid that make us who we are. Sessions are generally 90 minutes and done with the client clothed and laying supine (on back). Clients often receive profound relief from tension and release both physical and emotional patterns, and often report a deep relaxation that often sends one off into a “far off dream land” that can be deeply restful and restorative.

CST address a wide range of issues including:

  • headache
  • digestion
  • anxiety
  • TMJ issues,
  • ear & sinus infections
  • tinnitus
  • back & neck tension/pain
  • sciatic pain
  • pelvic floor pain
  • to prepare or recover from surgery or other intervention
  • release from trauma (emotional & physical)
  • relief from chronic pain
  • preparation for childbirth & recovery post childbirth
  • rebalancing for infants & children
  • reconnecting with ones body and self
  • support through welcomed or difficult transitions
  • emotional attachment issues
  • recovering from addiction
  • support in changing any kind of pattern (physical, emotional, spiritual, behavior)