Infant and Pediatric CranioSacral Therapy

andreaI have worked with children my entire adult life, so moving into pediatric craniosacral therapy was a natural step for me.

In 2009 I had the opportunity to study Pediatric Cranio Sacral technique with Benjamin Shield, Ph.D, and in 2011 with French Osteopaths Alain Gehin and Claudia Kohn.  Most recently I had the privilege of studying with Carol Gray in her Infant Craniosacral training, as well as Dr. Alison Hazelbaker in her training on Craniosacral Therapy and Breastfeeding and the impact of Tongue Tie on Breastfeeding, and current procedures addressing the issue.

Currently I participate in a free clinic offered to pre-crawling infants once a month in Oakland & SF directed by Holly Edson. It’s been a wonderful way to work with many different babies and their families, as well as incredibly gifted therapists.  Please visit Free Infant Craniosacral Clinic  for more information on how to register for the clinic.

This work can be important for infants and children by helping their systems find their most optimal balance, that provides a sound structure for them to grow from. By releasing restricted patterns, we can support and facilitate the opportunity for full integration in each developments level of infancy and childhood. The structural body has a significant effect on the neurological development, and vise versa.  Babies and children need to have availability in their bodies and nervous systems to allow for the next developmental step to unfold.

Due to the rapid development of infants, it is important to receive CST sessions relatively close together when working on resolving specific issues like breastfeeding, or feeding issues, plagiocephaly/ brachycephaly (head shape) and torticollis. After an initial session, I will be able to give my recommendation for a plan of care.



Crainosacral Therapy  for Infants can be helpful in resolving:

  • breastfeeding issues
  • support pre-tongue tie procedure, frenectomy/frenotomy
  • support post- tongue tie procedure, frenectomy/frenotomy
  • sleeping patterns
  • colic
  • reflux
  • vomiting
  • babies with postural issues due to their position in the womb
  • torticollis (babies who favor turning their head to one side)
  • head shape
  • babies that arch their back when upset, during feeding or while being held
  • resolving difficulties around the birthing process
  • healing a surgery or preparing for a procedure in the future
  • and a variety of other unique issues to individual babies

*Please understand that working with infants around these issues can take time. Generally for resolution around Breastfeeding challenges, head shape and structural neck tensions, it takes btw 3-6 sessions to resolve. Sometimes it happens quickly, but most of the time it’s a progression that we are helping them integate to allow for more organization in their system.

As babies grow out of infancy, craniosacral therapy for Children can be effective in addressing:

  • postural and structural issues
  • self regulation
  • immune function
  • ear & sinus infections
  • sleep
  • digestion issues
  • dental issues, malocclusion, braces, spacers, ect…
  • motor & learning issues
  • hyperactivity
  • support for attachment issues
  • as well as general confidence and sense of well being in their bodies and minds
  • adoption

I have had the honor or providing child care as a nanny for a family with 2 adopted children for the past 13 years. It has been such a rich experience to be so close to them and employ all I’ve learned through my trainings as I support their attachment to their family and individual growth. Both Craniosacral Therapy and NeuroReflex Integration (MNRI) have been integral in their process of development. Supporting this family through the adoption process, from the orphanage to grade school, I’ve learned so much about this delicate and beautiful transition of belonging. I’m happy to offer support for children and their families along this process.

Our Free clinic offered to pre-crawling infants once a month in Berkeley & SF. Please visit Free Infant Craniosacral Clinic  for more information on how to register for the clinic.