Pre and Perinatal Services

IMG_2220Pre & Perinatal Massage Therapy

Skilled, nurturing touch during pregnancy, labor and postpartum periods can offer a wide range of benefits to both Moms and Babies. Traditionally, these important transitional phases have been supported by family and community members educated through their culture to care for both the Mother and newborn. Today there are many different kinds of roles to fill that important need in our culture.  One of these roles is that of Massage Therapist.
Massage Therapy offers many benefits to an expectant Mother and her newborn. Studies have indicated that receiving a massage regularly throughout pregnancy can reduce anxiety and stress, as well as the amount of leg/back/pelvic pain and promote relaxation which stimulates the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. When the pregnant mother is relaxed, her pulse, breathing and blood pressure are more consistent which in turn delivers regulated blood flow to the uterus, placenta and fetus. All of this contributes to a healthier immune system better able to react to stress and emotional responses.

The need for support during labor and delivery is widely understood and talked about in our society, while the equally important postpartum period is often understated and unaddressed.
Both physical and emotional support are crucial during this recovery period of time. New mothers often experience sore muscles, aches and pains from their recent labor. Deep trigger point therapy can be important in addressing sore muscles and inflamed tissues, while circulatory stimulation can help the body eliminate  metabolic waste, as well as residual medication in the system from labor and delivery. Acuprssure and other reflexive therapies can also help the body heal after Cesearan Sections, followed by appropriate therapy along the incision site, which can aid in healing a reduce fibrous buildup along the scare site.

Nourishing care during the perinatal (postnatal) period can profoundly affect the quality and comfort of the bonding between the new baby and mother. When mothers feel supported she can then offer her support to her new child, which offers a new life the best start one can have.

Couple or Family Sessions to prepare for Child Birth and Infant Care 

Having a Baby is a major transition in life, and that can be a huge understament at times! There is so much love and joy with this shift in life, and if harnessed appropriately, the love and joy can get us through all the moments of challange. Both our bodies and our babies bodies are equipt with neurotransmiters to help keep this connection of love on line during it all. The oxytocin that is released when breastfeeding, or when Parent and Baby stare into each others eyes and smile, is a commonly spoken of aspect of this exchange.

An infants development depends on a lot of different aspects of our care giving skills, some are over emphasized in our culture and other are hardly ever discussed. We know that our babies entrain to our nervous systems and learn self regualtion from our ability to self regulate. They learn how to engage with the world based on how they feel us engage in the world.

It is wonderful to be familier with all of these pieces of infant development, and have time to practice, before the baby arrives! In our session together we will explore these developemental aspects and learn ways to practice, so you have the tools when you need support to be present with yourself, for your birth and your new baby. Sessions will include table time and each partner recieving some bodywork as well.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions, I’m happy to answer!