IMG_1832Craniosacral Therapist all work with infants/children/adults

Tomi Knutson (Oakland, does home visits for infants)

Rachael Bouch (Oakland, Petaluma, does home visits for infants)

Kirstin Soares (Oakland, does home visits for infants)

Ellen Mossman (Richmond)

Holly Edson ( SF, does home visits for infants in SF)

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in the East Bay:

Claudia Venn (Berkeley) –

Aimee Ruiz (Oakland) –

Mina Karimabadi (Albany) – (510) 525-5022

Dr. Men (Alameda) –


       James Edward Gaydos, DO-

       Meg Jett, DO, GCFP, FAAP-

Lactation Consultant

       Ellen Schwerin, IBCLC-

       Molly Brannigan, IBCLC-

       Sabrina Freidenfeld, IBCLC- lactation-support

Chiropractic Care- Adults/Prenatal/Inants/Children in the East Bay:

Dr. Ariel Provasoli, Berkeley –

Awaken Chiropractic, Oakland –

Orofacial Intergrity  

Virgian Downing, Oakland –

Kathy Winslow, multiple offices in Bay,


Massage Therapy in Oakland: Hayley Ebersole:


Perinatal Psychotherapy:

Robyn Alagona, MFT- 415.309.8464 OR                              Then Comes Baby, Suppport Groups & Home Visits offered


Naturopathic Medicine:

Dr. Elizabeth Korza, ND –



Edi Pfeiffer, RSHom (NA), Certified Classical Homeopath,


Masgutova Method, Neuroreflex Integration-


Tummy Time Online Resource, Michelle Emanuel, OTR/L, CIMI, CST, NBCR:


Videos of Developmental Process to Rolling and Crawling with Baby Liv:

Video of Laid-Back Breastfeeding Video

How Movement Starts- Reflex Video explaining relationship to developmental movement by Maxine Haller


Tongue Tie Blog Article by Alison Hazelbaker: Tongue Tie Blog


Baby Wearing/Carrier Information:



Anya Schmidt, Temescal Pilates and Bodywork –


Prenatal/Postnatal/Parent and Baby Yoga:

Yoga Alameda,

Then Comes Baby,then comes baby/yoga-dance

Whitney Rubin, Berkeley YMCA

Shakthi Yogic Arts, and


Foot Alignment article:


Blog Article on Microbiome, Pregnancy & Birth:

Literature and Studies on Microbiome and Babies and Children:

       Lab4 Probiotics-

       Swansea Baby Trial- the-swansea-baby-trial

       Pro Child Study- the-prochild-study


Classes and Support Groups, Pre and Post Natal:

     Then Comes


Pregnancy Support:

       Womb Ecology-

        Spinning Babies-


Placenta Encapsulation: Mayra Stewart (707) 344-4520


Dr. Nils Bergman’s Articles on Supine Sleep:



East Bay Mediation Center (Oakland)

Spirit Rock (Marin)

Green Gulch Zen Center (Marin)


Parenting Books:

The Aware Baby

The Whole Brain Child

Parenting from the Inside Out

The Mindful Brain

Becoming Attached

The Caesarean


Parenting Books for Fathers:

The Gift of Fatherhood by Dr. Arron Hass Father at Birth by Rose St.

John Father to be Handbook by Patrick M Houser Father Birth: A

Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind by John B. Franklin Fathering

Right From the Start by Jack Heinowitz


Books to support you:

        Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief,

              The New Science of Healthy Feet, Katy Bowman, MS

Your Inner Physician and You, Dr. John Upledgers book about craniosacral therapy

Healing with Whole Foods, guide to healing and cooking

Waking the Tiger, healing trauma

The Web That Has No Weaver, understanding chinese medicine