Craniosacral Therapy, Oakland, CA- Andrea Byers

“Andrea really has a remarkable connection with, and understanding of, kids. We’ve been meeting with some wonderful people- all working to help kids like ours to address developmental delays/challenges- and Andrea really stands out in that she has both the interest in and knowledge of how to help kids, as well as a calm and gentle demeanor that enables her to interact easily with them.”

“Andrea is wonderful. I started going to her for cranio sacral therapy when I was pregnant with my son.  She is wonderfully supportive and her work is intuitive, deep and restorative.  I have continued to see her myself and also now take my daughter (5 years old) and son (18 months) to her for pediatric cranio sacral therapy as well as some reflex work.  My children love her!  Andrea is truly gifted with children – she communicates with them on their level, listens and plays with them beautifully and seamlessly.  She makes it fun for them at the same time she is working on them.  She knows a lot about child development and has helped me as a parent.
I highly recommend her for working with children And adults.  She rocks!”

“I started going to Andrea several months ago after trying multiple different therapies to control my frequent migraines.  This is one of the only things that has worked for me consistently and given me some relief from the chronic pain I’ve been experiencing for 10+ years (and I’ve tried a lot of different therapies!)
Her gentle and sympathetic approach to cranio sacral work was very comforting after being scared away by more aggressive techniques from other practitioners.  Along with cranio sacral work I’ve been modifying my diet and taking Chinese herbs and my headaches have been drastically reduced in their frequency and intensity.  It’s also very helpful and refreshing how much information she’s shared with me about what my body is doing when I’m having an episode and some things I can do at home to attempt to curb them.  I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone who’s been suffering with chronic pain, especially migraines!”

“Andrea was simply brilliant. She was thorough, very interactive and aware of my babies needs, and she was so informative.”