CranioSacral Therapy for Mom’s and Babies


Working together with Mothers and their babies is a very effective and powerful way to resolve a wide range of issues, as well as to reinforce a supportive and nurturing relationship. When Mom’s body and spirit are nourished and supported, so are their babies. Infants entrain their nervous systems to their parents so the more nurturing and resource mothers have, both pre and postnatally, the better the chances are that the baby will be healthy and balanced within that relationship.

Prenatally Craniosacral Therapy can help mama’s body to move through this dynamic time of transformation smoothly so that her baby is able to have the space to move and develop as gestation progresses. Having balance and harmony in mom’s system allows for the baby to do what needs to be done to have a healthy birth. Postnatal Craniosacral Therapy, once the baby is born, can offer baby and mother another opportunity to sync up and communicate again on a deep level to resolve any issues that might be present, as well as to heal together from anything that might have been challenging during the birth process.  CST postnatally allows for Mom’s body to find space and repair from the heroic journey of giving birth. Craniosacral therapy will address the structural issues that can leave women with pelvic floor, back or hip pain, as well as common shoulder pain from the stress of caring for a new baby.  This gentle approach can help mom move into the next stage of motherhood feeling more balanced and nourished in her body, so she can offer that love and nourishment right back to her baby.

Understanding each developmental step a baby is in and how best to support them within that particular phase of growth, can have a profound impact on babies sense of well being, both physically and mentally. Each developmental stage calls for specific handling and positioning that is appropriate for their nervous systems, neurological reflex stage and physical postural abilities.

Trusting our instincts when caring for a newborn or baby is most important.  In our modern situation, filled with car seats, strollers and all manner of manufactured baby holders, it’s also important to filter through all of that and see what it is babies really need at each given stage of their growth. Spending a little time either before or after birth establishing a relationship with these practices can set the family up for a more supported and nurturing time as the family grows and changes with their newborn. During a prenatal or postnatal mom and baby session, time can be spent getting  comfortable with these developmental milestones and practice some important ways to position, pick up, hold and support babies, which offers both baby and the family the opportunity to better regulate their own bodies and relationships with each other